Is Spring Really Finally Here???

I spent the whole day out in the garden today–it was beautiful!  Couldn’t have asked for better weather for the hard work it can be cleaning up the gardens, moving and splitting plants–so satisfying to have my hands in the dirt.  So satisfying to feel like I am helping mother earth along to warmer days, and a bountiful harvest!

My chives are up about 8 inches so far…won’t be long until the flowers appear, only another few weeks.  They are so pretty…and did you know edible too?  You can use them to top a salad or garnish a meal, but here is what I use them for every year–once  you start, I am sure you won’t stop either 🙂

Chive Vinegar

3-4 pint jars and lids
4 chive flower heads per jar
white vinegar to fill the jars

Wash the flowers and set in the jars.  Fill the jars with vinegar.  Place in a cool, dark place (like your fruit cellar or pantry cupboard) for at least a couple of weeks.  The flowers will turn the vinegar a beautiful pink colour, and will flavour the vinegar subtly with chive.

Tip:  in any recipe, substitute the chive vinegar for regular or red wine vinegar–it makes the most wonderful salad vinaigrette!



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