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Where the power is…

It is time to take our kitchens and our homes back. Transforming the food industry seems monumental, a gigantic undertaking. But it is not. It is a small problem. In the small places in our lives, our shopping carts, the fridge, the cupboard, the kitchen and on our dining room table is where all the

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I have decided to up the ante with my blogging skills…adding photos to the text to give some more allure to new and old readers alike.  It has taken me most of the afternoon to get the picture, adjust/photoshop the picture, post the picture….you get the idea.  I have run the gammet of excitement, frustration

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I know, I know, I have become a delinquent blogger…summer is such a distraction!  I have had good intentions every day of sitting down with the laptop and plugging in a quick recipe for you, letting you know what has been happening in our little world, what’s growing and harvesting in the garden…but alas, each

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