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New Year, New Focus.

New Year, New Focus.

Your focus, needs more focus. ~Karate Kid

Yep, it does.
2014 has so far brought some clarity, insight and focus to light.  Illuminating places and things I’d like to devote my attention to, in my personal life as well as my business.

One of the places that I’d like to devote my “focus”, is teaching and sharing. 
I feel the importance of whole foods, basic cooking skills, grocery shopping/pantry stocking, and learning to think about what you eat and where it comes from is more important now than ever before.  Whether you are a seasoned chef/home cook/beginner/child I’d like to offer you an opportunity to Learn, to be Mindful, to Enjoy, and to Love food.

Foodivore will be offering MORE Classes for Adults and Children. (in addition to all the other great things I’ve got going on!)
Focusing on whole foods, delicious recipes and an alternate viewpoint on what’s important to think about when you shop.
I’m so proud of all that I’ve accomplished thus far, and am so looking forward to future successes and adventures!  I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this New Year and this New (more clearly defined :)) Focus.
Here’s to new adventures and success!
See you at a class soon!

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