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Orders now being accepted for pick up 
Friday October 7th, before 1:00pm.
Quantities are limited, 
place your order early to avoid being disappointed.
(if you're from Bruce County, order pick up 
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Apple PieTraditional Pumpkin or Apple Pie $14
Handmade pastry made with locally rendered lard.
-Pumpkin Pie is spiced with my top secret spice mix and topped with my signature pecan praline crunch.  Everyone loves it!
-Apple Pie made with local apples and my own special recipe.  It’s always a winner!


Open House 2012, Food 014Assorted Cookies $25/5 dozen assorted pre-packed
Everyone’s favourite–and by far my top selling product.
5 different varieties (1 dozen each), varieties may include shortbread, oatmeal crisp, pecan fingers, chocolate coconut drops, fudge, pecan snowballs, jewel cookies, spritz, Scottish shortbread, jammy squares…they freeze amazingly well!


Liptauer CheeseLiptauer Cheese Spread $5/250ml
Cream cheese based and spiced with caraway, garlic, onion–this spread is great with crackers, vegetables or spread on a sandwich.  Just try to keep it long enough to share…



Jammy Tarts $8/half dozen

Handmade pastry, my own Jam–my Grandma used to make these for us as a BIG treat.  They are my favourite.




Cranberry Sauce $6/500ml
Whole berries, a hint of orange and spices–it’s my own secret recipe…your turkey will thank-you.



Pickles, Preserves and Salsa!

Hot Hot HotAll pickles and preserves are made with local ingredients wherever possible.  Some are available in limited quantities–so don’t wait too long if you want them!




Garlic Dills $9/quart jar   *top seller
Our famous family recipe–these pickles are coveted everywhere they’ve been!  Made of course with local cukes, garlic and dill.   Caution:  You may find your family members fighting for the last few pickles in the jar!
Spicy Garlic Dills:  same as above, but with a HOT chili added in!

Dilly Beans or Dilly Carrots $6/pint jar

Pickled Hot Peppers, $9/quart jar    *top seller
Local hot banana peppers, habaneros, cauliflower and carrots pickled to perfection!

Bread and Butter Pickles $6/pint jar   *top seller
Just like your Grandma used to make, sweet, tangy and delicious.

Asparagus  or  Cauliflower Bread and Butter $6/pint jar
Sweet, tangy, delicious…like B&B pickles–except asparagus or cauliflower not cucumber

Pickled Beets $6/pint jar    *top seller
just like you remember them…sweet and delicious, a must for your holiday table!

NEW!!  Vietmanese Sandwich Pickles $6/pint jar
Julienned carrot and daikin radish pickled with ginger and star anise.  Perfect for your Bahn Mi or your grilled cheese

NEW!!  Spicy Japanese Mixed Pickle $6/pint jar
Carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, red pepper pickled with a hint of soy sauce and garlic.  Very limited quantity.

NEW!! Pickled Garlic Scapes $5/half pint jar
These are perfect diced up and added to salad dressing, chicken or egg salad, or tossed into potato salad.  Harvested from my own garden at the beginning of summer–delish!

Spicy Salsa! $8/pint jar, $5 half pint jar    *top seller
I couldn’t cram more locally grown goodness into this salsa if I tried!
Tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, garlic and onions–really spicy, really delicious!

Chipotle Salsa! $8/pint jar , $5 half pint jar    *top seller
Smokey chipotle jalepenos make this salsa my favourite to use in recipes!  Of course local tomatoes peppers and onions are used too!

Peach Salsa $8/pint jar, $5 half pint jar   *top seller
Fresh Niagara Peaches combined with local peppers and onions-tangy, sweet, spicy, delicious!

Salsa Verde!  $5 half pint    *top seller
Made with my very own homegrown tomatillos, this traditional Mexican salsa is tangy and so very good!

Sweet Relish $5/half pint jar
It’s the only relish Madeleine will eat (…and me too if I’m honest!)  Local cucumbers, peppers, onions–what a great way to top a burger, dog or sandwich…

Golden Hot Pepper Jelly  $7  half pint jar    *top seller
Best pepper jelly ever!! (and I’ve tried LOTS 🙂  Made with local, onions, jalapenos and habaneros–spicy, sweet, delicious!  Makes a great appetizer topping for cream cheese, or baked brie!

NEW!!  Bruschetta-in-a-Jar $7/half pint jar
Local tomatoes and garlic, spiced with oregano and basil, throw in a little Ontario Pinot Grigio and some balsamic vinegar–BAM!  Load it up on my artisan bread and bake it in the oven for an easy and fast appetizer or side dish. 

Blueberry Maple Pecan Conserve $7/half pint jar
Local blueberries and maple syrup are a delight in this dessert spread.  Use over French toast/pancakes, or ice cream, in turnovers or tarts, with fresh biscuits and cream–you name it.  This is such a treat!

 NEW!! Plum Chutney $7/half pint jar
Fresh Ontario plums, ginger, raisins, spices–this recipe is dated to the 18th century!  Very tangy and flavourful!

NEW!!  Mango Chutney $7/half pint jar
Traditional Indian chutney, sweet and tangy.  Delicious as an accompaniment to Indian dishes as well as grilled chicken or grilled vegetables.  Makes a nice spread with goat cheese too!

NEW!! Peach Butter $7/half pint jar

Ontario peaches and a hint of spice slowly simmered into a spreadable butter.  It’s like summer in your mouth!

NEW!!  Cantalope Vanilla Sauce $7/half pint jar
A spoonful or 2 in a glass of soda or champagne or cocktail confection is the perfect way to use this unusual, but delicious sauce!

jam1Jam $7/half pint jar
Handmade with local fruits and lots of love–just like your Grandma used to make it!


Smooth Strawberry
Strawberry Rhubarb
Strawberry Vanilla
Orange Rhubarb
Black Currant
Lemon Honey Jelly
Raspberry Rhubarb

Apple Maple Spice
Wild Black Raspberry
Peach Melba Jelly
Peach Jam
Sour Cherry Jam

Breads and Baked Goods

Roasted Red Pepper and Feta BreadArtisan breads, made by hand and baked to perfection.  Local ingredients are used wherever possible.  Unless ordered fresh, breads are baked, cooled and then immediately frozen to ensure that they are FRESH for you!  Just thaw and reheat at 400º for 5-10 minutes for the perfect tender on the inside, crispy on the outside loaf!


Artisan Flax
Artisan Caramelized Onion
Artisan White
Artisan Roasted Red Pepper and Feta
Grandma’s White Bread

Breakfast Pitas $12/dozen
4″ pitas crammed full of flax, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, currants and cinnamon…so good for you!  They are frozen, you just pop them in the toaster for breakfast and top with a little butter or honey!

Assorted Cookies  $25 for 5 dozen assorted cookies
Availability will vary….shortbread, butter squares, chocolate oatmeal drops, pecan fudge, coconut oatmeal, almond crunch, spritz, oat and raisin bars etc…

Available by order:
Banana Flax Muffins ($8/half dozen)
Lemon Poppyseed Scones ($8/half dozen)
Cinnamon Raisin Scones ($8/half dozen)
Fruit Pie -Apple, Rhubarb, mixed fruit etc…($14/pie)

Have a request?  Please let me know, I am happy to accommodate special orders anytime

Bonnie Surette||519.575.9133 |153 Park St|Waterloo ON




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