Oh Solo Mio…

Dinner alone tonight…that sure doesn’t happen often!  We generally make every effort to have one meal a day together as a family (usually dinner)…but there are occasionally exceptions to that rule.

The importance of spending  a bit of time talking, sharing, laughing every day  is unparallelled–it speaks bigger volumes than you could imagine (in a quiet, subtle voice).  It says “I value you–I want to spend time with you”, it speaks “I value food, eating and mealtime–I give it the importance and attention it deserves, and I teach my children to do the same”, I smiles with joy and laughter and takes the edge off a sometimes busy, hectic day.   What does it say to you?

This is one of the easiest salad side dishes around–I had this for dinner tonight beside my glorious grilled cheese sandwich 🙂

Quick Tomato Salad
(make as much or as little as you need–just adjust the quantities)
grape tomatoes cut in half
english cucumber cut into 1 inch cubes
balsamic salad dressing
fresh flat leaf parsley chopped roughly
feta cheese crumbled

Mix all together and serve–what could be easier than that?



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