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On the Brain

I don’t know about you , but sometimes I get a recipe/ingredient/idea in my head and I can’t get it out. So goes it these days with Napa Cabbage.  As I eagerly await the arrival of fresh Ontario produce, I am making do with what is “not too bad” at the store-Napa Cabbage being one

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Food Rules

Over the holidays we had a good laugh with my Dad about his T&T rule…apparently there is an unwritten rule that Turkey and Turnip must always go together.  Who knew?  Not me…I was going to serve squash and roasted carrots, silly me! It occurred to me how often we place rules around how we eat,

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That’s Billion, with a "B"

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, there is one thing that influenced our decision to be Vegetarian-ish that I haven’t blogged about before.  Partly because I wasn’t sure how to incorporate some of this information in a “non-ranting”, “non-bossing”, “non-Peta” kind of way.  So take it or leave it, here it is. Plain and simple–this

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