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Closer, closer…

It’s coming closer, and closer…you know…copious amounts of food, drink and merriment. Have you got your turkey-pants ready yet?? Here is another quick, and VERY easy side dish to prepare with your Turkey…you can use any kind of squash, but butternut is my favourite–rich with great texture. Roasted Butternut Squash 1 butternut squash cut in

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Value Equals?

After spending some time this morning at the mall finishing up the last bits of shopping, we decided to stop for lunch on the way home.  We stopped at a fairly well known greasy spoon in town–known for decent food and good “value”. It has not escaped my attention that our culture (generally speaking–wide brush

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Turkey Day is Coming…

You know, I felt so prepared for the holidays and all that they entail at the beginning of the, I am feeling a little bit of the “holy crap” syndrome.  So much to do, so few days to do them in (…amongst all the other things that being a mom, a wife, a friend,

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