Do you experience your food?

As I am perusing around the web these days it seems to be that so many people are missing out on the “experience of food”.

What do I mean by that?  Well, too many families don’t sit down to a meal together every day.  Too many people eat while watching TV, in the car, their minds totally absent from their food experience.  Too many people are eating foods that legally can’t be called food anymore, they must be labelled “food products” (for real).  Too many people have no idea where there food comes from, or what is in it.  Too many people just eat absently, without thinking about the effect (good or bad) it will have on their body and how it functions.

And, I don’t think it is entirely their fault.

We have been so misled by food companies and marketing campaigns. We have become so distracted with tasks, activities, jobs, working, more tasks and more activities that we have forgotten what the important things are in our lives.  We have been led away from the experience of growing our food or actually talking/buying it from those who do.  We have been led away from preparing more foods at home and enjoying the creative process that it entails.  We have been led away from actually experiencing the sight, smell, touch and taste of our food–and how wonderful it is to share it with family and loved ones–every day.

So my question to you is–Do you experience your food?  Where could you spend a little more time and attention to do so?  Shopping,preparing, eating as a family?

~It is Thanksgiving so here is something you may need for your Turkey this weekend.  I have posted it once before, but it seems that post has gone missing?  So here it is again…best stuffing EVER!

Leek, Mushroom and Celery Stuffing (for turkey or chicken)
(this recipe easily makes more or less depending on the size of your bird–so please note that all measurements here are estimates–feel free to add more or less of items you really like 🙂

1 loaf good quality white sandwich bread–a little on the stale side
2 large leeks (whites and light green parts only)
8-10 button mushrooms
4-5 celery ribs
S&P to taste
4-5 tbsp poultry seasoning

Tear bread into small pieces.  Chop leeks, mushrooms and celery fairly small.  Add to bread.  A bit at a time, add poultry seasoning to bread mixture and mix lightly using hands.  Continue to add poultry seasoning until it is nice and fragrant (you may need a little more here–it’s totally up to you).  Add a little S&P if you like.  Done.  Stuff into cavity and fill neck flap (need a little more direction on how to stuff?  Come take a class with me!  Or, send me a note 🙂



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