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On the Brain

I don’t know about you , but sometimes I get a recipe/ingredient/idea in my head and I can’t get it out. So goes it these days with Napa Cabbage.  As I eagerly await the arrival of fresh Ontario produce, I am making do with what is “not too bad” at the store-Napa Cabbage being one

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Just wanted to pass along a note of thanks to all you loyal readers!  Your thoughts and love are much appreciated! …and a special thanks to my Number One fan (..if you don’t know who you are, we had lunch today–and it was awesome! :).  Just knowing that I have inspired you to think differently

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Wellness Siesta

The greatest wealth is health.  ~Virgil Did you miss me?  It was an unplanned leave for a few days and  it was much needed! Time to rejuvenate a little…part of my “wellness” plan this year! Work/life was beginning to feel a little unbalanced, what better way to gain a little balance than a couple of days

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