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It’s Simple Darling

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it is the simplest combination of flavours that produce the biggest flavour?  It still surprises me sometimes how a few basic ingredients can create such happy tastebuds! As I am sure you must know by now, I am constantly learning, trying, creating and advancing my skills in the kitchen…and

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Best Stock Ever!!

I have to admit, most times I limit myself to turkey or chicken stock.  Mostly because we eat more poultry than beef, and I always seem to have turkey bones ready for the stock-pot. It is so easy to make your own stock!  It tastes so much better, and is so much better for you…have

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Use it up…

What better way to “use up” the odds and sods in the fridge than with a big ‘ole pot of soup?  Perfect for a cool fall day to boot! I had a bunch of odds and sods to use up in the freezer and the fridge today…and you know how much I hate to waste

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