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The days of old.

I often find the best recipes in old cookbooks–I love that the instructions are basic, simple and don’t contain too much extra verbage and unnecessary explanation of each and every step…I have to admit that one of my biggest pet peeves of food blogs and cookbooks these days are the step by step by step

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Until then…

I know I promised to share some insight and opinion on the United Snackers of America post last week–and–I still do intend to do so, just not today.  Truth be told, the whole idea has me a bit twisted up, and I am still percolating the ideas I feel compelled to share.  So…until then…. Part

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My Little Love Muffin

I finally bought a new muffin tin.  I think…no, I know I am in love.  I have made more muffins in the last 2 weeks, than in the last 2 months.   It is the answer to all my Muffin Dreams… It amazes me how much easier a good kitchen tool/gadget can make kitchen work.    We

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