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I’d LOVE to work with you and your Group!


Small or large, training courses and workshops are what I LOVE to do!


1-2 hour Multi-Media Workshops include:
• Slide show presentation
• Live training and motivation with Bonnie
• “fun sheets” to work through, set plans and gain clarity for participants


1. Mindful & Intuitive Eating:
This course focuses on being mindful during all phases of food enjoyment—from shopping and preparing to eating and enjoying. It offers participants the tools they need to become more aware of how each aspect affects their overall wellbeing. We’ll also cover how to become aware of and listen to your body’s own natural “food intuition” and the effect that has on your food choices.

2. Breaking through to REAL FOOD:
This course is designed to help you “break through” the food industry merry-go-round of marketing, pre-packaged food and convenience. We’ll discuss what Real Food is, what to look for at the store and on packaging, how to make some simple and easy changes in your shopping habits and how to source Real Food Recipes. I love to make this an easy process—it isn’t nearly as hard as “they” make it out to be!

3. Sourcing Local Foods:
This course provides information about where and how to source locally grown and procured foods. We’ll talk about the “local food” movement, why it’s important and the effects it has on our Regional sustainability, ecology and the larger carbon footprint.
Course Prices are based on the number of participants, the length of training and may vary from course to course.  Other courses (not listed) are also available.
Please contact me for more details.
Bonnie Surette, 519-575-9133



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