Cookie Book
30+ tried and true | easy, freezable and shareable cookie recipes

The Only Cookie Book You'll Ever Need!

This book was created with YOU in mind! 
It is full of personal favourites, family favourites and customer favourites.
Each recipe uses Real Food ingredients that you’ve already got in your cupboard and easy to follow instructions to make you look like a pro!

What’s in this book?

  • a photograph of every recipe–because I know how much you like to know what they are “supposed” to look like.  Taken lovingly by my husband and I (what a team!), he’s been so patient with my obsessive need for every detail to be just right…
  • tips and tricks for cookie baking success!–listen, I’ve baked A.L.O.T. of cookies, I’ve tried everything in the book and I’ve had lots of success and a few failures.  In short, I’ve done all the hard work for you–now you just need to get in the kitchen!
  • variations on the recipes–I know that what you really want are easy recipes that are adaptable and tasty.  I’ve created various adaptations of my own recipes over the years and I am gladly sharing them with you!  It’s like getting 50+ recipes for the price of 30!
  • tried and true recipes–my biggest pet peeve is a cookbook full of “filler” recipes, where you have to sift through a whole bunch of “okay” recipes to find the one REALLY great one!  I’ve taken that leg work out for you and included ONLY recipes that I really love and have baked over and over and over again.  There won’t be any guess work for you to figure out which ones are “okay” and which ones are great–because they ALL are!  You’re welcome.
  • love–like everything I do, I’ve infused it with a some extra love.  Pass it on.

What people are saying about The Cookie Book

Feel the LOVE...
  • Love the book for so many reasons. *simple recipes *very little ingredients *picture with each recipe *personal story with each recipe ... Very well done!
  • I'm British and it might sound strange to Canadians but I did not know how to make cookies. I knew how to make many British cakes but my attempts at cookies where a disaster. That being said after trying the recipes in the Foodivore Cookie Book I have had great success. I am now a cookie goddess! The recipes are so easy. Butter Squares are my favourite!
  • Oh - the Cookie Book! MMMmmm... This is the book with butter, sugar and flour - the holy trinity of baking! Bonnie's recipes are filled with family tradition and love that you can taste. These are the cookies that you bring into work and everyone wants the recipe. Decadent, delicate and delicious - these cookies beg for a cold glass of milk and an old friend to visit with.

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