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Cooking with Foodivore!
Choose from one of the classes listed below, or  book a custom class with some friends by request!

These classes are great for:

  • a morning alone-without the kids (wink),
  • girls night out
  • date night
  • group team building….
  • fun, fun, fun…and some learning too!

Feature Classes:


Mindful Eating: approx 1.5-2 hoursmindful eating
In this class we’ll focus on what it means to be “mindful” when you shop, prepare and eat your food and why it is SO important!  We’ll also talk about some of the benefits of Mindful Eating…like more energy, a clearer mind and losing weight…

We’ll prepare 2 easy appetizer/snack recipes while we’re having some fun too–If you’ve been wanting to make a change and haven’t been sure where to start…this is the class for you!   $45/student, minimum 3 students/class


Pantry Basics: approx 1 hourPantry-Basic
This class will focus on how to fill your pantry for WHOLE FOOD EATING.  We’ll discuss food products you should  avoid and what you can substitute in your recipes.  This is my forte–I’ve spent the last 10 years researching, shopping, testing and sharing!!  You’ll be so glad you took the time to clean up your food supply!

We’ll make one quick “whole food” substitute recipe, so you can see how easy it really is to banish the unwanted food products from your kitchen!


Vegetarian-ish: approx 2 hoursSpicy Peanut African Stew
Vegetarian food…not sure where to start?  Want to expand your repertoire past vegetarian pizza and pasta?  We’ll talk about how and why we became “vegetarian-ish” and we’ll make one of my favourite recipes too.  This is a great place to start if you aren’t sure where to begin!  Lean into it…you never know what you’ll discover!  $45/student


Bread Making 101  approx 3+ hour class
Contact me to arrange a time for you to come and learn the basics of making great bread!  breadmakingWe’ll learn a “no-knead” recipe, as well as a traditional bread recipe.  I’ll teach you how versatile each recipe can be by adding or changing flavour ingredients.  We’ll sample of course, and you’ll get to take some bread home too!
contact me for pricing of this class


Thanks Bonnie for a wonderful morning.  You have inspired me to become more mindful of what I eat.  You have made what I thought was a difficult task into a very manageable one. ~Carol, Waterloo

Bonnie – we had an absolutely great day – thoroughly enjoyed. You are a great teacher with such attention to detail.  Thanks again, Dawn.

 Custom Classes
Have a group of your own?  Want a special class just for you?  Put your group together, call me to pick a date and choose a theme for your class. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the wine. What could be an easier night out?

$45 per person, minimum 4 people

Custom Class Options–including, but not limited to:

  • There’s a cake in the house
    Quick Breads (muffins, biscuits, scones)
    Happy Appy
    30 minute dinners
    Cooking with local foods
    Cooking with herbs

*Have a request?  Please let me know–if you want to learn it, I will teach it!
Private Lessons with Foodivore
Need a little private coaching?  Want some more in depth training?  Why not try a private class…let me inspire you!
available by request $50/hour per person

All classes are held in my home kitchen. Why?  It’s easy to be dazzled by fancy gadgets and gourmet kitchens-tricked into thinking you can’t do that in your own home kitchen.  I want to teach you that you CAN do this in your own kitchen, and you can do it really well.

Contact me for registration,
availability or more information
Bonnie Surette
153 Park St, Waterloo




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