Let me introduce myself...

I’m Bonnie.   A wife, a mom, a daughter, sister, and friend.  I’m a self-taught chef, a writer a teacher and a creative entrepreneur.
I teach women like you with families like yours to Eat better, Feel better and Spend less.


I love that you’re here!
You’re likely into delicious, fast, nutritious food…just like me.  You want to save some $$ on your grocery bill too?
You’re in the right place.

I believe...

I believe that food is love.  I believe that nutrient content and a “real food” ingredient list trumps fat content, calories and carbs every time. 
I believe that Real Food can nourish your body and your soul.

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I also believe…

I believe that we need to give ourselves permission to be happy. every day. for no reason.

I believe that kindness and compassion will rule the world and that LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER.

That sunshine on your face and grass under your feet is enough to soothe the soul.

It’s okay to ask for help.

I believe what you feed your body is as important as what you feed your mind. Be kind.

Your soul is so much bigger than you think it is. Set it FREE!

I believe in big ideas, sharing, stretching, leaning. There is always room for growth, change and evolution.

Less is more. Simple is better.

I believe in the power of Gratitude and how it can transform your life.

How did I get here?

~After university I found my first “real job”–the one that I thought would make me feel satisfied. There was room to grow, a pension plan, benefits, decent pay. It had all of the “right things”. But I was miserable.
I hated working 9-5. I hated the monotony of the job. It became a heavy, heavy burden–one I knew I could not carry. So, I quit that full time “real job” and have never looked back.

~I married the love of my life and became a Mom . I worked a part-time business from home. Incidentally, when I was a kid, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a stay-at-home Mom and to “be in business” (…actually, I wanted to own an Antique Store and I used to make my sister play “store” every time we went to my Grandpa’s house, she was always the customer 😉 ).  Dreams really do come true.

~I’ve been awesomely creative and thrived under self-employment.
A creative entrepreneur at heart, I’ve co-owned a brick and mortar shop, run a six-figure direct sales team and became a North American Trainer for that company. 
I became a self taught Chef and started Foodivore as a food blog teaching and sharing about real food/baking/scratch cooking and have helped  so many families to eat better and spend less.  Over the years, Foodivore has morphed from a food blog, to an independant Artisan Food Producer and now includes this amazing community.  This is my pride and joy and I could not be more proud of this accomplishment.


~I must be honest with you…there has been A LOT of struggle, many limiting beliefs and a couple of crisis in between. My husband and I have managed to get through a major financial crisis, 2 lost businesses, suffered years of infertility that ultimately ( and miraculously) resulted in a beautiful baby girl, but also included an unexpected bout of pre-eclampsia at the end of my pregnancy that almost took my life, forced an emergency c-section and the birth of a 5 week preemie.

No one gets through life unscathed–nor should they–that’s where the growth is!  All of these experiences have created the perfect storm for me to share with you all that I learned while moving through the hardest times.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

 I can honestly tell you that the drive to move towards MORE has always been the fire in my belly. I have never been satisfied with the the status quo. I have never wanted to just “get through the day”. I have always longed to thrive, to feel alive and creative and loved and happy.  Just like you.


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Working with women (and their families) to eat better, feel better and spend less is one of the most profoundly humbling, thrilling and satisfying experiences of my life.

You deserve a healthy and joyful life!

I have spent so many years honing the art of spending less at the grocery store, while still cooking delicious and nutritious Real Food meals.  It is my joy to share everything that I have learned with you.

...because YOU deserve to spend less on your grocery bill and more on a proper vacation!
…because YOU deserve to feel great. every day.

…because YOU deserve to enjoy tasty, healthful food, and delicious treats too!


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It is a privilege to support you on your Real Food Journey.

A few gems you might not know about me..

  • I love the beach. It’s my happy place-my feet in the warm sand, sun on my skin, wind in my hair and a good book to read. I could do that every day, forever.

  • I’m a homebody and love my own company. I’m happy to spend time quiet and by myself, working or reading or gardening or baking…

  • I love great cake and a good cocktail.

  • I play the flute (…and yes, I did go to band camp as a teen…insert your joke here 😉 )

  • traveling makes my heart soar. I. Love. It.

  • I’m a spiritual adventurer. I love that there is more than meets the eye about this world, there is something new and exciting happening in our evolution constantly. It’s pretty amazing!


I am so glad you are here.
With much love and gratitude,
Bonnie xo

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